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Happy Black History Month

My people. I've returned.  I have been busy. I'm working to inspire a generation. I am now an illuminator. Nike came all the way through for Black History Month 2017. I hope you're indulging in plenty of Black facts. These patchwork Retro Ones have a metallic finish and two dope…

S.O.Social Media

Parents, able Grandparents, older brothers, sisters, cousins, and people of authority we must  do something about our young minds being led astray by social media and mobile technology! Working in the classroom and with school administrators, I’ve seen first hand the havoc social media is wreaking on school age children…

MOB #7 Tickle The Rain

Tickle The Rain is the latest project written by playwright and professor Levi Frazier, Jr. of Memphis, Tennessee and illustrated by Jim Palmer. Professor Frazier is an extremely creative instructor who often takes his students from Southwest Tennessee Community College abroad to explore our world. We met on one of…
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