My seed fell from a tree planted on a mound of orange dirt during a bone chilling North Carolina snowstorm. That orange mound knew nothing of the influence its cultivation would have on the world. Those who watered and nurtured the seed, they knew. They were keenly aware and shared

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Affirmation for N/A

The sunrises and I wonder What is this spell I’m under? Why can’t I shake the chains and be free? As the clouds of rain clear I know peace is near What will it take to free The very best of me? Everyday is another chance It don’t matter the

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Dream #15 : Flying Through Stillness

Flying Through Stillness Here my dear hang on to this. It might not seem like much right now but keep it, hold it, and keep living. There is hope in holding on. Stay, persevere, plant roots. Be like the tree. Firm yet flowing. Standing and growing. Unshaken but flourishing. My

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MOB #10: MJWW – Love To Learn: Writing & Economics Workbook

I watch Democracy Now! every night. The everyday struggles of the world can be so daunting. I decided to pick a story to try and impact. I believe that if everyone picks an issue to focus their productive energy on we can really grow as global citizens. I watched the

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Being Bold on Bold TV!

Such an honor to be a guest on BoldTv! Catch me discussing creating learning workbooks for young scholars impacted by recent hurricanes at 40:48. Donate and help us continue education in the face devastation by clicking here! 

A Hood Near You: Trinidad and Tobago

Trinidad is a well established island nation known for their cultural rainbow, architectural detail, and of course oil and natural gas. Trinidad’s sister island Tobago is mostly a tourist attraction with minimal industry on the island. I wasn’t able to make it to Tobago, recently the leadership changed ferry companies

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Fax 4: Teaching 6-8th Graders to be Empathetic Citizens

Emotional Intelligence  With our current media landscape it is becoming significantly more challenging to teach middle school children to understand their emotions particularly empathy. With our current culture of bickering and “hitting back” the trickle down effect is real! Students have to digest the fact that what they see on

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