The New New Yorker

I am the new New Yorker. Still excited by all of the lights. Never upset about being lost. Rarely in a hurry. I try to blend in. I try not to look up. I try not to let on that I’m new. They know. I am the new New Yorker.

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This Woman’s Work

December 10, 2012 London, England Names have been changed to protect the ignorant and guilty. Facts Only I will admit, I was late for work. Around 6:00PM I arrived at Gate 50 at the Football Club. No we’re not talking real American football we are talking soccer. After speaking with

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America in the Morning

America in the Morning -Why didn’t you go? -I was afraid I’d get lost. -Why? -Cuz I haven’t been before. Nobody wants to be lost. -But why? Eventually you will find, well who knows what you’ll find or what will find you! Getting lost might be worth the risk. You

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A Dream Come True: Kingston University London Graduation

Don’t miss you! I repeat DON’T MISS YOU! Nobody will care for you or about you the way you do. Belief in the impossible has brought me places I only dreamed of. Dreams are just dreams, until they come true. My cup runneth over and often I spill when I

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A Sonnet for Sallie

A Sonnet for Sallie You beg and hound me for more of nothing. Taking more than you ever provided. I lack the patients for your oppression. Expressions of creativity you see come with zero guarantees. So please, believe in my attempts to achieve one of these: a job or winning

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