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Dream #10

I could feel myself melting all over the ground like a chocolate kiss in the palm of a hot hand. He would talk and talk and talk. He would rhyme from time to time. Not like a poet or rapper. Just random rhymes. I had to pay attention to speak

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A Dream Come True: Kingston University London Graduation

Don’t miss you! I repeat DON’T MISS YOU! Nobody will care for you or about you the way you do. Belief in the impossible has brought me places I only dreamed of. Dreams are just dreams, until they come true. My cup runneth over and often I spill when I

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A Sonnet for Sallie

A Sonnet for Sallie You beg and hound me for more of nothing. Taking more than you ever provided. I lack the patients for your oppression. Expressions of creativity you see come with zero guarantees. So please, believe in my attempts to achieve one of these: a job or winning

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Graduate school. On this day a year ago I flew from San Francisco to London prepared to start a new chapter of my story. Not even 36 hours later I was back on an airplane flying to DC then Raleigh because of errors with my visa. I was so upset

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  Hello family. I haven’t been around in a while but absence makes the heart grow fonder …. or is it distance? Regardless, I’ve been strictly about my business lately and I found a place to live! I will be moving to South London next month. Zone 1 so I

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