17th Annual American Black Film Festival



I did not anticipate how full I would feel at the conclusion of the 17th Annual American Black Film Festival here in Miami on South Beach. My mind and soul were stuffed with information, encouragement, and motivation. I didn’t know how fortunate I was until it was over.

I was a sponge last week at the festival. I soaked up more than I could have imagined and I watch some incredible films. From Kevin Hart’s pledge to encourage entrepreneurship in our community by starring in, writing, and producing his own films to Reggie Blythewood’s 10 craft commandments I was motivated and educated by the brightest and most forward thinking in the game. It was a privilege!

To discuss what took place behind the scenes of the festival is a testament to the commitment and perseverance of Film Life and it’s management team. Everyday began with a dance and a prayer!

What a blessing to be in the Ritz Carlton on South Beach becoming a better writer, a more informed person, and a more creative individual. The hardest day was the last day because it occurred to me that the festival was over. I smiled less on the last day. Shout out to programming and the talent team!

I can’t wait for next year….



Dream #6

I closed my eyes and I fell.

At first I rolled.

Then I began to bounce.

Before I knew it I was free falling.

Or maybe I was floating?

I’m not sure how, why, or when,

but eventually I came to a full stop.

I crashed right into you.

You stood firmly attached to the ground,

as if you owned it. No renting.

No hurricane, tornado, or earthquake

could shake you. You smelled of man.

I felt stronger than ever before

simply standing next to you.

After all that I’d been through

I was more appreciative

than I ever imagined I would be.

Standing next to you.

Silence shrieked between the two of us.

We were the only ones around.

Words weren’t necessary just brown eye language.

We stood in a comfortable silence

for centuries until you closed your eyes.

Once they opened again they were green.

You changed. But that’s life and that’s love.

And then you inquired, “Where to next?”

So I answered, “Where we begin.”

And stillness was our move.