“Hey Grandma”

“Hi baby. Took you a while huh?”

“Yea I had to take the long way, it took forever.”

“Nothing wrong with taking the long way. Sometimes that’s the best path.”

“Is it?”

“I remember growing up in Georgia. Me and my brothers and sisters would pick anything: butterbeans, turnip greens, blackberries anything. If it grew we picked it. We would bring what we picked home to momma. She knew what to make. She could make anything. But a lotta times when we were on our way home we would pass this white woman’s house. She would yell out the window or from her porch ‘What did yall pick today?’ We would try to ignore her but she would come take whatever we had anyway – or whoop us. ‘Bring em here let me see’ she would holler. So after a while … you know we ain’t dumb right?”

“Yes I know that for a fact.”

“After a while we started walking the long way home. Through the woods, past our turn just so we could make it home with what we picked. What belonged to us. There is nothing wrong with taking the long way. As long as you get where¬†you going baby.”

NCMAE #2 – Back, Black, and Better Than Before

Time. Time stops for no one. This lapse in communication actually stimulated productivity. I have a new job, I’ve moved to Brooklyn, I’m happy. My new project was entirely inspired by someone who has impacted my life since day one. She helped to shape my thinking and I’ve elected to share her insights.

The post about her is one of my highest rated and I have a lot of quality information to share that I learned directly from her. She is my Great Grandmother Nettie Clara Morris Adams Ellis of Georgia, by way of Richmond, Califorina. I love her and I am excited to share her greatness with you.

Stay tuned.