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New favorite product alert!

If you love your skin check out NuNatural Organtics for your skincare needs. This Black owned line of all natural products has truly changed my skin for the better and smells AMAZING! The handcrafted natural bar soaps are among my favorite products in the line. I’m in love with the Lemon Basil and I’m looking forward to trying the Tea Tree and Coconut Oil bars very soon. The best part about these soaps is they’re not stripping the skin of natural moisture. These products cleanse gently removing dirt but work with the natural oils in the skin to maintain a healthy balance. They’re literally made for us! It’s hard to explain because this is a different experience from most toxin filled commercial soaps. Game changing for real.

Dry skin issues? The lotion stick is a true game changer. No more worrying about lotion leaking when traveling. Just toss this stick in a plastic bag an into your backpack for easy application anytime, any place. There is no longer an excuse to be ashy. Just rub the stick on your feet, knees and elbows and be on your way!

NuNatural Organtics manufactures toxin free luxury products with reasonable prices. I highly encourage you to check out the collection and try some soaps!

NuNatural Organtics

NuNatural Organics


Guilty Green

I moved to New York to grow but there is no room. That rose that grew from concrete in this city was picked, packed, and sold to someone who could never understand the beautiful struggle it endured to bloom. Here I am halfway and I can confidently conclude this corner of the world is another fool’s paradise rated by Michelin stars and one’s ability to bullshit on command.

I’m not hating, I’m observant. Thankful for the questions and Answers.

It’s a burden to be in the know or not. The jungle catches you off guard like winter, winter, winter, summer. Forced connections, always touching someone or something because quite frankly there isn’t not enough space.

Learning from the past we persevere together despite living in our compassionatless bubble. Is Port Authority Ellis Island? Is this the Brooklyn Renaissance? Brilliantly we wound each other.

Temptation is never far like a shadow or a ghost. We applaud our own creativity as we fight against what is normal and what is acceptable. Why you ask? Why not? What’s not a good reason to fight when one feels the need to be free?

Still stubborn and driven. I understand and appreciate the mission. Afterall, wouldn’t you rather try to cross The Bridge of San Luis Rey and be on your way or sit in the same spot dreaming of that very day?


Love The Hair You Wear 2 + Ofasho

Love The Hair You Wear 2, a labor of love went down in a major way on 6.26.16 at Blind Whino in Washington, DC. with panel discussions, demonstrations, drinks and high quality vendors. Check out the natural hair insights for men and women and follow Love The Hair You Wear on Facebook for details about more events.