The highlight of my trip to the French Rivera was visiting Château de la Napoule. This castle was restored by an American expatriate couple Henry and Marie Clews. Their love story inspired me to write this dream.

Henry and Marie

It was 1914 and they were both completely aware. Henry with the lot of his emotions loved Marie and she proved relentlessly that she did he. It was truly rare love they shared. They were an ideal match, a pair, two of a kind and they lived as such. Henry complimented Marie’s urge to create. Marie stirred in Henry an artistic inspiration only known to the greatest artisans who ever employed ten fingers to place in our world what we have come to know as beauty.


The world of their love was void of jealousy, spite, or any ill sentiments that could distract from sincere requited attachment and affection. As time collected and faded into stories of the past their love grew deeper and stronger. They sought out space to share their world. As construction neared completion the lovers and all their belongings arrived in a new place. They called it home.


On this day, Henry rested his hand on the small of Marie’s back and they climbed the stairs to the new nest of their mutual affection. The sun was shining on them as it often did. Marie reached for the door knob but before she could access the new holding place of their allegiance Henry grabbed her hand spinning her around in his arms.

Next to the grand front door was a large stone with an inscription. Henry held her close and insisted, “Read it Marie.”

Marie kissed Henry smiling wider than a toothless baby then obeyed,

Welcome to the home established by Marie and Henry constructed upon a foundation of cement, brick, and everlasting love. Shall this stone serve as a reminder to all that the two who first occupied this space in the world and this place in time possessed an indestructible passion for one another that will continue to permeate the rooms and halls of this home. Because love once existed here, love will always live here. Should the God we so humbly serve choose to burn to the ground this dwelling we shall not weep. Wherever we are together love will live and persevere. Whether upon this earth or in heaven, from now until the end of time.

Welcome home Marie. Love always Henry.


Marie melted into Henry’s arms crying tears that could drown a mermaid. “Thank you Henry.”

“Thank you Marie” Henry fought an internal battle to conceal his emotions as men often do. He forced a smile to his face kissing Marie delighted to have overwhelmed her once again with his infinite love. “Anything for you.”

They were left with no choice but to live happily ever after.













These are tires!




Once Upon a Time ...
Once Upon a Time …
Henry and Marie Clews
Henry and Marie Clews



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