America in the Morning

-Why didn’t you go?

-I was afraid I’d get lost.


-Cuz I haven’t been before. Nobody wants to be lost.

-But why? Eventually you will find, well who knows what you’ll find or what will find you! Getting lost might be worth the risk. You found Waldo right?


-That’s what I’m saying! Once you knew where he was you conquered the page and began another one! There is nothing wrong with getting lost just don’t lose you.


Wanda "I'm Ret to go"
Wanda “I’m Ret to go”

So long London. You’ve been Lovely.


I wish I could wander the world aimlessly. I’ve loved my time in London and surrounding european countries. Of course, it hasn’t been all chocolate puddings and dessert waffles. I have at times been cold, hungry, and or alone.


But the time has come to keep it moving. I completely understand why pilgrims left here seeking out something better all those years ago. I also understand why the English left their own land in search of superior settings. Colonization was inspired by the British overcast temperament and relentless rains. After being introduced to the climate of the Caribbean as an Englishmen I would never return home either (some of the other actions remain unjustifiable but I digress). I’m not saying it’s right but … I understand. I get it now. It all make sense.


I’m ready to come back to a land where colour is color and favourites are favorites. I’ve reached my goal. I conquered the unfamiliar. Knowing what I know now allows me to appreciate the home of the brave in a way I never have before.


So five bags laters, with the satisfaction that I’ve completed a task that many believed to be impossible, I’m heading to America in the morning 🙂



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  • Mrs. McCoy
    February 5, 2013 - 1:14 AM ·

    My SweetPea is coming,

    Yay! As I have said to you so many times during your stay in the UK… I am so very proud of you and trust I have never under estimated your ability to accomplish what you set your mind to. Well done Niece!

    As you know I’m here and Mike has already made you a key.

    Love and safe travels.

    Love Auntie.

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