Stay at Your Best


You’ll never know how brave

you are until you’re broke.

That’s when your best

ideas come about. Your beautiful

mind finally acknowledges and believes

something of substance sits behind your eyes of brown.


Is the banana rotten because it’s brown?

It might be sweeter. Will you taste it? Are you brave?

Would you take the time to believe?

What became of your sweet tooth? Is it broke?

Have your friend taste it first. The beautiful

one that won’t give you any but remains your best


friend. She pushes you to best the best

you that you can be. Envy is never green it’s brown.

When you are down she’s always around. She’s beautiful

and encouraging. She pretends to be brave.

So rich in spirit that her soul is never broke.

She gives you someone in which to believe.


But without her what do you believe?

Do you remind yourself that you’re the best?

Or do you put yourself down saying “I’ma joke, I’m broke.”

Constantly putting yourself down in the dirt muddy and brown.

Rebuke these thoughts. Peep the clock it’s time to be brave.

The salvation that accompanies confidence is beautiful.


Beauty on the inside leaks beautiful

throughout. It’s worth it for you to believe.

Then you’re left with no choice but to be brave,

and now you’re at your best!

You might not have it all. But McDonald’s hash browns

are a tasty bang for your buck when you’re broke.


The creativity that comes with being broke,

is worth more than gold and beautiful

Hawaiian sunsets. “Get up! Get on up!” as James Brown

exclaimed and chant “In me I believe!

Great things I can achieve if I’m the best

me I can be! Now is my time to be brave!”


Don’t let brown get you down believe!

Broke not broken still has beautiful potential

because at your best you are brave.

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