I was eating trail mix when I wrote this, forgive me if it goes astray..

The trouble with writing is always getting started. One you get started you have to figure out how to say whatever it is you are trying to express or explain. The intimidation that comes with these elements of writing stops some people from ever beginning to create a sentence. However, I am here to enlighten you!

Things never really are as difficult as they seem. Think of academic writing in terms of paragraphing. You are putting each piece together. Naturally you have your introduction and conclusion. Stuck in the middle are three or more paragraphs that are essential to the readers understanding of your topic. Let’s focus on the middle. Three main paragraph styles exist that you can employ. However, in all paragraph types the writer must be specific. NEVER assume your reader knows about what you are discussing. Break down your information do not throw it at the reader. With relevant details and proper paragraph structure you are on your way to being better understood by a reader.

The first paragraph type is largely known as a topic sentence paragraph. This paragraph type explains the topic in the first sentence. Here we find out what the paragraph is actually about. All of the sentences below the topic sentence should enforce, repeat and reiterate the point of the paragraph! If sentences following the topic sentence fail express your point get rid of them! You are probably off in left field some where and nobody knows what you are talking about anymore. Get back to the topic, that’s the point of the topic sentence paragraph.

The next paragraph type is the tower paragraph. Imagine your a construction worker and you are building from the ground up. You add more information with each sentence to make the reader more and more aware of what exactly it is that you are talking about. Bring along some facts with you as you build your paragraph, maybe a quote, whatever floats your boat. Make sure you use strong materials as you build. If the information you add isn’t solid your paragraph/structure it could collapse. The tower paragraph builds upon the point.

The third and final paragraph type is the hour glass. The top is strong and so is the bottom. The topic and concluding sentences both accentuate your given idea or point. The middle is full supporting details that contribute to the ideas. This paragraph provides an overall understanding.

So writers, employ these paragraph types and help your reader’s understand your the topic. Remember to provide the reader with facts, details and all that jazz. Keep in mind reader will not believe facts you state just because you state them. Support your facts or say where they came from shout outs or citations. You are not God you are not omnipotent; whatever you say offer support, or else no one will believe you….

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