I did not anticipate how full I would feel at the conclusion of the 17th Annual American Black Film Festival here in Miami on South Beach. My mind and soul were stuffed with information, encouragement, and motivation. I didn’t know how fortunate I was until it was over.

I was a sponge last week at the festival. I soaked up more than I could have imagined and I watch some incredible films. From Kevin Hart’s pledge to encourage entrepreneurship in our community by starring in, writing, and producing his own films to Reggie Blythewood’s 10 craft commandments I was motivated and educated by the brightest and most forward thinking in the game. It was a privilege!

To discuss what took place behind the scenes of the festival is a testament to the commitment and perseverance of Film Life and it’s management team. Everyday began with a dance and a prayer!

What a blessing to be in the Ritz Carlton on South Beach becoming a better writer, a more informed person, and a more creative individual. The hardest day was the last day because it occurred to me that the festival was over. I smiled less on the last day. Shout out to programming and the talent team!

I can’t wait for next year….



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