Fred. Fred! You there? Tell Susan I’m fine just a little banged up. A few bits of red fur but that’s just a sign that I’m alive! Tell her not to be cross with Alex. We all have nipples. And tell her to share the sugar, for goodness sake at least he’s not asking for the plunger. You still there Fred? I can’t tell if I’m awake. I’m stuck in that place between dreams and everyday. I try not to get caught up in the differences but the reminders are indignant, the signs blink in bright highlighter colors and I can’t cut all the power cords. I can’t even find the plug. Fred for the life of me I can’t understand where they get the power! I’m thirsty enough to drink the ocean. All four or five. Strange thing is I’ve been fed. I’m even full sometimes. Fred, I’ve been satisfied! So we have to keep going Fred. I wouldn’t feel this way if we were meant to meet our demise. Grab Susan by her shoulders and say ‘Susan I’m not the one who is crazy you are!’ If she cries leave her. If she asks where we’re going tell her no where and we’ll get there quicker without the questions.

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