I could feel myself melting all over the ground like a chocolate kiss in the palm of a hot hand. He would talk and talk and talk. He would rhyme from time to time. Not like a poet or rapper. Just random rhymes. I had to pay attention to speak his language it was expensive. First I had to establish the currency pounds, euros, francs sometimes dirhams.

His tirades were unending, “People like us are bright. Like all the little lights flickering over that hill at night. Like glitter they shine when the light hits them just right. You should shine more. Don’t let life dim your life. You seem so sad and beautiful. This combination won’t allow me to ever love you. Hello? How long will you act like you can’t hear me? We’re gonna be here for a while. No one will save you. Don’t believe the hype.”

“I hear you.”

We sat side by side on the screened in porch. Blackened by the moonlight his face was cut into a million spiteful shadows. I was left trying to put all the pieces together in the dark.

Living the life a gentlewomen forced me to act out my role. However, playing my part often left me upstaged.

I inquired, “Where’s the point in pretending?”

He replied, “Right next to the fun in forever.”

I couldn’t fault him for capitalizing on this young castaway. I know when I’m wanted and when I am not. I was forced to stay and everyday it grew harder to pretend. Marked with scarlet letters birds of similar feathers sat together high on the hill in the silence reminiscing on their respective past lives separately. Hope once again was gone with the wind.

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