Only right now matters. Time is an illusion that floats by undetected. A long and a short hand spoiled by thoughts and wants for the future.

If we’re pleased by the present why are we plagued and distracted by tomorrow? After all, here we are.

Tonight and today.

Near and far. Don’t judge.

I’m still trying to make time a friend of mine. Minutes run together month after month, week after week, and day after day.

Why watch at all?

Is it necessary to weigh down ones wrist when the present is such a worthy gift?

It’ll be gone soon. It floats by. That is time’s only guarantee.

Now as we leap from year to year may this season’s hopes shatter any seconds of fear.  Until the hour when all that should be is I will not acquiesce to the wondering.

It’s more about the moment. While the dark of the night turns to day before all is lost every minute I’ll hope and pray the green envy of tomorrow fades today.

On or overtime I truly believe we all will receive exactly what we need.

Should it never arrive, even after a triennium; It’ll become evident indeed that now is all we need.


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