Dream #10

Trippin off the true lies I’m always running from I slid as slow as sizrup until I stopped in front of the canal.

I was trapped by the very things created to set me free. Hating the headaches. Rationing out the regrets.

Water slapped the sides of the brick bridge, where green moss floated patiently awaiting an opportunity to drift down stream.

I stuck my toe inside catching a chill from the cool calm water. The chill seized my body and everything was alright in the world.

Laying back on the grass with my hands clasped around the nape of my neck I was able to let go of the intangible.

Wind whirled around me stirring up the grass and memories in my mind. I could smell the approaching rain and prepared myself for the mental cleansing showers seem to provide.

I laughed at Mother Nature and her strange acknowledgments of my sentiments and yelled at the clouds, “don’t stop get it, get it.”


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