10/10/15 I ventured to DC for the 20th Anniversary of the Million Man March. It was quite the adventure. Leaving New York’s Chinatown at 11pm and arriving in DC’s Chinatown at 4am. DC felt cleaner and quieter than New York and I was ecstatic to leave to concrete jungle for a day.

My homies from Southeast Raleigh High School came through on the logistics tip, scooping me from the train and providing a bed for a quick nap. Vecoya, Jamesha, B. Wash, Todd, C.Rob, and Justin all of you are tremendously appreciated. Teamwork truly makes the dream work. Dressed in all Black we made our way to the Mall.

The sea of Black clothing increased as we grew closer to the lawn. It was beautiful. Black, White, Asian, Native American and everything in between. People of all colors and kinds gathered peacefully for the occasion determined to be apart of making the world aware of the injustices faced by people of color. My purpose in attending the Million Man March was to witness greatness and to share my solution.

I believe we can change the status quo by paving paths towards financial freedom. Generational wealth and opportunity will make a major difference in the progression of the Black community. Life insurance is a security measure that will ensure generational wealth. For less than $250 a year breadwinners can ensure in their absence bills will be paid, food will remain on the table and other ambitions like entrepreneurship and education can be achieved. So my message at the Million Man March was ‘Black lives matter and they carry value like all lives do.’

Leaders in the home strongly shape our family and community structure. Preparation makes the difference between leaving bills behind or setting families up for a fruitful future. As we begin to value our lives so will society.

Think about it.

Imagine if companies like American National Insurance had to pay out insurance policies for all the Black men killed by the police. So far in 2015, U.S. police killed 776 people, 161 of whom were completely unarmed at the time of their death (click here for more details). If these lives were insured with the lowest policy of $50,000 families would have collectively received $38,800,000 to bury their loved ones and continue their lives. Some victims were insured, some generated funds through the media, some created GoFundMe pages.

We have to do better.

‘This is not a moment, it’s a movement.’

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