I am thrilled to put you all on to Arian Simon’s Fun, Fly, Fabulous Lifestyle Box! The October box I received was the exclusive Empire Edition. 


In case you aren’t familiar, this lifestyle box is based on the subscription box model. Subscription boxes are a package of products sent to customers on a monthly basis. Most subscriptions (including this one) can be canceled at anytime. The main benefit is exposure to new products and brands for much less than you’ll pay in a retail location. Fun, Fly, Fabulous prides itself on being fearless. I agree, fear is a waste of time. Nothing can stop a shark from swimming or a bird from flying. I’m all about that fearless lifestyle and this box mirrored my sentiment.


The Fun, Fly, Fabulous Box costs $21 monthly plus the cost of shipping. Customers are billed on the 1st of each month.

My Fun, Fly, Fabulous Lifestyle Box came beautifully packaged with tools to assist me as I build my empire and strategize my takeover. Inside the beautiful box that will for sure be incorporated into my room decor I found the following:

*A ‘Build Your Empire Darling’ t-shirt: With this shirt the world will know my intentions. This screenprinted tee is true to size and 90% cotton. Personally, I love the deep v-neck. V-necks are my thing right now. 

*A Tidal – High Fidelity Music Streaming (Three Month Trial Card): Tidal is a commercial free streaming service providing high quality music to listeners globally. The platform is littered with exclusive content and dope playlists by athletes, musicians and rising stars. Recently, Tidal announced next year they will be streaming my favorite YouTube series on their platform! I can’t wait watch season two of Money & Violence in January.

*Design Essentials Coconut & Monoi Intense Shine Oil Mist and Coconut Water Curl Revitalizer: Both products were welcomed additions to my hair care kit. I’ve been using the oil mist on my hair and face. The curl revitalizer has kept my hair moisturized and flourishing in this increasingly harsh NYC winter. Both products smell delicious and share retail pricing starting at $13.

*Miss Jessie’s Stretch Silkening Creme: This product smells delicious! Wash and wear season is definitely over so I’ll be saving this for vacation or the springtime. I’ve been a fan of Miss Jessie’s products for a while now so I was glad to see a familiar brand in my The Fun, Fly, Fabulous Box. In stores this 8 oz. jar retails for $19.99! This product alone made purchasing the box worthwhile.

*e.l.f Matted Lip Color in Tea Rose: This product is a bit drying on my lips. However, I’ve never been a huge fan of matte lip colors. That’s just me. My solution is the apply vaseline prior to application for a moist nude matte lip!

*Empire Earbuds: In 2015, an extra set of earbuds is equivalent to a spare tampon. You’ll be happy you planned ahead. Earbuds are a thoughtful addition to the box! 

*and finally two fortune cookies that my friend ate before I realized what he was chewing.

The Fun, Fly, Fabulous Lifestyle Box will make an Excellent gift for your favorite lady between 16-40 years of age. It’s the ideal gift for someone whom you might not know what to get for the upcoming holiday season or a birthday. You can’t lose gifting this box. The variety cancels out the possibility of disappointment. The sleek and chic contents will help any lady sharpen her sexy and stay in the know.

 I must mention, unlike other subscription services I’ve tried The Fun, Fly, Fabulous: Empire Edition box featured FULL SIZE PRODUCTS! No sample sizes 😀 Hurray! Full size products make the investment worthwhile because instead of simply being exposed to new products you’re able to really get to know the product and decide if the brand is worth further exploring. Much more bang for your buck!

I enjoyed the diversity of items in the box. I found everything inside to be useful for me as a woman of color. I often end up regifting the things I don’t need in subscription boxes but I’m keeping everything from Fun, Fly, Fabulous! As the creators mentioned, ‘why subscribe to five, when you can subscribe to one?’ I adore the diversity: beauty, snacks, access to content, and a shirt to share my mission with the world. My only frustration was the delivery timing. The items are so bomb I would love to receive my box sooner!

So in case you find yourself wondering ‘self- what do I not have that I didn’t know I want/need?’ Subscribe to Arian Simon’s Fun, Fly, Fabulous Lifestyle Box and you’ll find inspiration. Go ahead and ‘build your empire darling!’

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