MOB #7 Tickle The Rain

Tickle The Rain is the latest project written by playwright and professor Levi Frazier, Jr. of Memphis, Tennessee and illustrated by Jim Palmer. Professor Frazier is an extremely creative instructor who often takes his students from Southwest Tennessee Community College abroad to explore our world. We met on one of these excursions while I was living in London, England. Tickle The Rain beautifully illustrates young Ike traveling through a dangerous storm to reunite the rainbow with the rain.

Advised by an elder in his community, this informative tale is told through the perspective of Ike a young boy in a colorful village. Along the way Ike gains insights, uses past advice to navigate the wild, and perseveres regardless of the challenges he meets in the forest. Ike’s courageous experience proves his progression from a boy to young man to a hero in his community.

I thoroughly appreciate the author’s use of challenging words with in the context of the story to expand vocabulary of young readers. For example, the use of ‘provision’ when describing the items in Ike’s bag and his tasteful use of ‘gawking’ to describe a large ostrich.

This story of perseverance and working with the beauty of nature is a truly touching tale for all ages and great for any young reader. I highly recommend Tickle The Rain by Levi Frazier, Jr. for your reading pleasure.


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