Trinidad is a well established island nation known for their cultural rainbow, architectural detail, and of course oil and natural gas. Trinidad’s sister island Tobago is mostly a tourist attraction with minimal industry on the island. I wasn’t able to make it to Tobago, recently the leadership changed ferry companies and the trips are less frequent.

Keith led me around the island and answered every single question with honest insights. He told me about the colonial heritage as we walked among the breathtaking and extravagant Magnificent Seven.

My favorite story shared by Keith was the story of Nelson Mandela Park. My prior knowledge of Trinidad government from friends gave the the impression that Trini politics tended to be like American politics, so many cooks in the kitchen make it difficult to finish a dish. The painlessness associated with renaming this park spoke volumes to my understanding of the culture of Trinidad.

The park was once King George’s Park however, an unopposed recommendation to rename the park went through in record time. I gained meaningful insight on the mindset of the people.

I learned the difference between Calypso and Soca music. I realized my value for words outweighs my ability to wine for hours. I’m team Calypso.

My favorite piece of art I’ve ever seen. Click here!

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Another highlight of my trip was my visit to City Living TT! Prime location and a balcony to die for City Living TT Is a beautiful space within walking distance of the the hottest part of the party scene in Trinidad and Tobago. The multi level home is ideal for solo travelers, small groups, or large scale kind of entertaining. However, if you are solo like myself the large guest rooms with en suite bathrooms allow for quiet, cool, moments in the midst of the party. The cool island colors were very welcoming and the iron gate helped me feel safe and secure as I partied super hard really far away from home.

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