I watch Democracy Now! every night. The everyday struggles of the world can be so daunting. I decided to pick a story to try and impact. I believe that if everyone picks an issue to focus their productive energy on we can really grow as global citizens. I watched the following video and decided my issue would be the plight of the American citizens overcoming natural disasters on the very islands we Americans cherish in times of rest, relaxation, and calm.

via Democracy Now!

Tiphanie Tanique’s statement truly struck a cord with me and motivated me to follow up on this issue and to find a way to plug in my talents to make a difference. The follow quote pushed me into action:

The Virgin Islands is made up of both the British Virgin Islands and the U.S. Virgin Islands. And our Virgin Islands is Saint Thomas, Saint Croix and Saint John and the smaller surrounding islands. Often we are confused with BVI or even with other islands that begin with “Saint,” like Saint Martin. But I think it’s important that the nation really recognize who the Americans are in the Caribbean, and pay us a little bit of extra attention. One of the things that happened for me when I was trying to find coverage about the Virgin Islands and about my home was that I was seeing lots of things on television about the region. I was so pleased, as someone who is from the Caribbean region, to see that there was beginning to be some attention to the Caribbean, in mass. And it is true that the United States has a responsibility to the Caribbean as the most powerful economic force in the region. It’s important that we pay attention to Sint Maarten and Saint-Martin, which are Dutch and French. It’s important that we pay attention to the British islands. But, lo and behold, we have American citizens in the region, as well. And these are not just American citizens who are visiting as tourists or American citizens who have newly moved to the Caribbean. But we have American citizens in the U.S. Virgin Islands who were born American citizens, who are American citizens by virtue of having been born on American soil, the U.S. Virgin Islands. I was really quite remiss and saddened to see that the news media said that Irma had made landfall in U.S. soil when it hit the Florida Keys, which, in fact, it had made landfall on U.S. soil days before, when it hit Saint Thomas and Saint John in the U.S. Virgin Islands. ADDDD

We the people have responsibilities. We have to protect the common good. I thought long and hard about how to help, how to protect the common good in the wake of mother nature’s destruction. I pondered deeply my resources and what was attainable. As I read more stories, scrolled my social media, and discussed the issues with my scholars an idea evolved.

So many news stories following the hurricanes talked about destroyed schools and hospitals. At the same time I was watching my friends on social media proudly share images and videos of their children doing school work. I decided the best way to motivate and encourage the people of Barbuda, U.S.V.I., and Puerto Rico would be to ensure the education of the youth continues. I decided to activate my talents as an educator to create a tool to enlighten scholars. As scholars practice learning these concepts the hope is that their parents will be motivated by their academic endurance. This tool is called Ms. Jheri Worldwide Love to Learn: Writing & Economics Workbook.

Thus far 30 workbooks have been sent to the United States Virgin Islands!

I launched a GoFundMe in November to fund this venture. My efforts became a classic example of Einstein’s timeless quote, “I am thankful for all of those who said NO to me. It’s because of them I’m doing it myself.” The GoFundMe was unsuccessful; however, with the assistance of Digital World Solutions and InDesign the task was finished! The finished product is more than I ever thought it could be and I am so proud to share these workbooks with scholars in the Caribbean.

For all parents interested in purchasing a workbook the cost is $5. All purchases will be matched. For every packet purchased one packet will be sent to a scholar in the Caribbean!

To order please email MsJheri@MsJheriWorldwide.com

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