A Hood Near You: Detroit, Michigan & Historic Sandwich, Ontario, Canada

An unforgettable trip to an inspiring place.

Recently I visited The Historical Sandwich First Baptist Church in Sandwich a suburb of Windsor in Ontario, Canada.

This trip ended up being one of those moving experiences that I will never ever forget. The church chartered by Queen Victoria served as a safe haven for chattel slaves fleeing the cruelty of the oppressive American south. Fugitive slaves crossed the Detroit River into Windsor on the run from bounty hunting slave catchers looking to return slaves to “owners” in the south. The blood boiling reality of chattel slavery became apparent when an ancestor of the runaway slaves and historian of Sandwich showed me a trap door on the side of a church pew then took me to the basement to show me the narrow tunnel that the trap door led to. This path is a piece of the Underground Railroad. To see it is to acknowledge with all the senses our American History and the trials and tribulations we have and we continue to overcome✊🏿

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