It is women’s history month so let’s celebrate another one of my favorite women, RaeSchmoney!




Somethings stick with you for all the right reasons. On a slow Saturday morning back in 2006. The couch was comfy and I could smell breakfast. Several of my teammates from the Southeast Raleigh Magnet High School basketball team were still asleep in various corners of the room on piles of pillows and blanks. In high school, everybody knew Saturday mornings belonged to Free and AJ. I turned on the television and the previous day’s episode of 106 and Park was blasting from Tammy’s room. I tried to turn it down quickly; Brittany stirred awakening and others remained unfazed. I didn’t know it yet but this was an episode we would all remember.

Tammy and I, began discussing the game we won the previous evening but all that ended when we heard an unmistakable beat. I can’t remember how many points I scored per game. I can’t remember all the opponents. At this point even some teammates are hazy memories. But one thing I will never forget is watching Raemonique stunt like a goddess next to her platinum rapper sister on 106 and Park.

It was one of those memories from high school that lives on and on because the story continues to be told by admirers and haters alike. The Conceited video was one of the last epic music videos of the music video era that actually told a story. It was bright, classy, and tastefully featured one of my very best friends. I was and still am so extremely proud. I immediately called Raemonique, her response “I told y’all…” I’ll censure it there for my young readers!

Rae has always been a critical thinker. Extremely strategic. I had to have her as a sister and teammate. We met in social justice class. She stood out by her unique ability to see multiple perspectives of an argument and also how she always factored in economics. She was the first person to encourage me to follow the money to figure out a person’s motivations.

In school, we constantly teased Rae principally for New York related reasons; claiming to be Remy Ma’s sister, wearing her blonde bang, claiming to be from New York, claims of “the city” have the best pizza, anything NYC related Shavonne and I were ready to check her. Now that i live in the city this is all even more humorous to me. Anyway, it was high school and the thick skin we developed from picking on each other then has empowered us as business leaders today. I don’t condone bullying but there is huge difference between joking and belittling. Our jokes made us closer and stronger because we crafted creative comebacks and celebrated each other at every turn.

The theme of Conceited continues. After working her way through North Carolina Central University and spending time in the corporate world Rae took the brave leap into entrepreneurship. She opened Conceited Salon, which has grown to service nails, lashes, and beauty accessories. Conceited is a one stop shop for beauty in Raleigh, North Carolina and surround areas.

For six years strong stylist Raemonique provides employment opportunities to the community, inspires others by her transparency about business ownership on social media, all while making the world more beautiful using her hands to create wigs and timeless styles empowering people from all walks of life. Raemonique is a dream chaser and her relentless quest for success is inspiring to me and many others.

If you find yourself in North Carolina in need to a stylist find your way to my girl Rae. Tell her I sent you and check out the links below!

Conceited the Salon

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