BHM: Meridian Lights 2.19.19

Brooklyn’s own Meridian Lights is my life vibe. They meet me right where I am with electric soul and lyrics that you ride instead of simply listen to. I’ve watched several live performances around New York City, my favorite was under the Brooklyn bridge! Get into it.


“We came together initially to just write songs. We both were recovering from being in groups that fell apart. The focus was just to create art, be creative, and experience unlimited expression and be prolific.”

As an avid listener, I feel the best way to describe Meridian Light’s music is refreshing. Real music for all spaces. Like swimming in the ocean or taking a cool shower in the summer. With Brad on the mic and Yohimbe on the guitar becomes an experience every time. You will feel.

“We have been working together for around 5 years. One song led to another and here we are three albums later. We are inspired by the challenge of being creative and honest in a World with shifting ideals and morality.”

“We share a life long commitment to persevering and pursuing inner peace. This peace is the goal regardless of what is going on in the World. The inner piece allows us to function and be creative. It’s like a chalk artist doing their art on the street with a smile on their face, digging deep and connecting their experiences with their talent. They take a break to look at their work and decide to fix a part, when they move to the area in need of attention the building above them crashes to the ground just missing our artist who completely unfazed, unaware, and unscathed continuing their work.”

-Meridian Lights

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