Its been a long time coming…. but I am back in full effect, better than ever! Welcome to I’m glad to have you and I aim to enlighten you.

Its only right that we start with a little background info. In case you are new to this I am Ms. Jheri, and Ms. Jheri Worldwide is the remix and upgrade of I graduated in May from North Carolina A&T State University. The highlights of my undergraduate experience include  serving President of my sorority and studying abroad in Switzerland. On the previous site I was able to share my study abroad experience. My readers and I traveled around America and parts of Europe! This adventure is still alive in the form of my first published book M.E.E.T. me for Cheese and Chocolate!

M.E.E.T. me for Cheese and Chocolate

Guess what…. this time were taking on the United Kingdom! The countdown has begun I will be taking my talents to London, England in September. There is really no telling what adventures are ahead of us, but you are invited on the journey. Pack light!

Ms. Jheri

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