Greetings World! I’ve been in London over a month now. I’m picking up the lingo and learning my way around. Everyday is still an adventure but I’m becoming more and more familiar. Honestly me experience is getting better by the day.

There a a few places where no adjustment was necessary. Some I was surprised to see … others I was not. Take a look:

The Colonel made it all the way to London


The King is here too


My old employer Foot Locker and the all American Apparel
Who would have thought?! Sally's!

Of course McDonald’s is present on every corner, unfortunately most aren’t 24-hours.  I haven’t ran into a WalMart yet but I’m sure it is only a matter of time. ADT Securities are present here also T.G.I.Fridays! I’ll keep you updated on the familiar names.

Exhale. My new Life in London.

This week was pretty strenuous but I’m willing to admit I brought it on myself. But … It was well worth it! I took the 45 minute journey to Central London three times this week and it’s Saturday night so I’m getting ready to make the move again!

Tuesday the initial plan was to go to a museum in London with a group of friends…. but literally everyone canceled on me (while I was waiting for them on campus) so I made my decision to go regardless. It can be so discouraging doing things in groups. Group projects, group outings, things always become suspect when you have to depend on other people. For this reason I’ve come to a personal conclusion: Im not waiting for anyone else to do the things I want to do. I may never live in London again, I’m not going to look back and say “I wish I …” or “I should have…” I refuse! Jay-Z said, “Only one who can stop me is me” and I really feel that way. I recommend you make the same decision for yourself in your life because if you wait on others you get less done.

I ended up at an art exhibit titled ‘Art By Offenders’ which showcased art by prisoners and people in the United Kingdom’s mental institutions. I came to the conclusion that caged creativity is intensified. I found the art to be extremely intricate and at times depressingly dramatic. These artists have a lot of time to apply to their crafts.

So after visiting ‘Art By Offenders’ I made my way to Ten Critical Challenges for writers class, its week five. This week we focused on intertextuality. This fancy word is pretty much used to discuss the influential factors inside any text. Picture it like this, if we were talking about music it would be song remakes or samples. Get it? The influences of the outside world on a work. In my module we have come to the collective conclusion that everything comes from something else. I’m pretty sure you will agree, so the study of these influences in literature we call intertextuality. These influences can come from pretty much anything religious texts, poems, laws, what ever it is that influences you. I think I’ll give you a sample in my next post. Enjoy your day, I’ll be back soon. I will leave you with this song… PEACE! Raashan Ahmad



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