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Hello family. I haven’t been around in a while but absence makes the heart grow fonder …. or is it distance? Regardless, I’ve been strictly about my business lately and I found a place to live! I will be moving to South London next month. Zone 1 so I am working my way into Central London.


The realization that this was the last week of classes towards my Master’s degree -CRAZY! It is crunch time around here. This week I completed the lecture portion of my program and numerous rough drafts. I’ve been on a party break since I left my last lecture Thursday afternoon. Tomorrow is Monday so I’ll be back on the grind. I have two assignments to turn in the last week of May. One is a portfolio the other a radio play that is too hot for TV!


Drake said it best, ‘I’m looking forward to the memories of right now.’ I’m loving the diversity of my friends here. We get into mass amounts of randomness no two days are the same on this island. London really is an inspirational place.


As my cursor blinks on the page I try to think of things to share with you all. I feel like towards the beginning when everything was new to me I had more to say. But now that UK life is regular I’m not sure what things to highlight or to elaborate on. To add insult to injury, usually when the words don’t come I supply you all with pictures but my camera isn’t working. Its all bad for us blog family but we can’t give up.


I’m reading in Kingston Uni’s Awards and Achievement show this Wednesday so hopefully I can post that video for you at some point in the near future.


There is also an elephant in the room that I need to address. Well … we have discussed my summer job interning at the 2012 Olympics! Yes, yes exciting but … I’ve been informed by the legal department of the company that I am not allowed to blog about my experience. Frown. Whatever shall we do?! I was sooo looking forward to telling you all the happenings of the International Broadcasting Centre in Olympic park but it looks like that can’t happen. I suppose I could talk to you about the games in general but if you know me you know I deal in specifics. I don’t know … we’ll see what happens.


Anyways, I’m counting down the days left in the dorm, Boris Johnson was re-elected as London’s Mayor, and the new Bob Marley documentary was amazing. My world in a nutshell.


Don’t worry … I’ll be back ….

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  • Timbo_919
    May 11, 2012 - 6:52 PM ·

    still catching up on the rest of ya blog but so far it’s very interesting strongly holds my attention. OMG I’m trying not to be ghetto and ask about some free olympic tickets….lol naw i’m just kidding but that is one big leap keep of the good work i’m looking forward to reading more 😉

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