America in the Morning

America in the Morning

-Why didn’t you go?

-I was afraid I’d get lost.


-Cuz I haven’t been before. Nobody wants to be lost.

-But why? Eventually you will find, well who knows what you’ll find or what will find you! Getting lost might be worth the risk. You found Waldo right?


-That’s what I’m saying! Once you knew where he was you conquered the page and began another one! There is nothing wrong with getting lost just don’t lose you.


Wanda "I'm Ret to go"
Wanda “I’m Ret to go”

So long London. You’ve been Lovely.


I wish I could wander the world aimlessly. I’ve loved my time in London and surrounding european countries. Of course, it hasn’t been all chocolate puddings and dessert waffles. I have at times been cold, hungry, and or alone.


But the time has come to keep it moving. I completely understand why pilgrims left here seeking out something better all those years ago. I also understand why the English left their own land in search of superior settings. Colonization was inspired by the British overcast temperament and relentless rains. After being introduced to the climate of the Caribbean as an Englishmen I would never return home either (some of the other actions remain unjustifiable but I digress). I’m not saying it’s right but … I understand. I get it now. It all make sense.


I’m ready to come back to a land where colour is color and favourites are favorites. I’ve reached my goal. I conquered the unfamiliar. Knowing what I know now allows me to appreciate the home of the brave in a way I never have before.


So five bags laters, with the satisfaction that I’ve completed a task that many believed to be impossible, I’m heading to America in the morning 🙂



NFL … Not For Long

A sonnet for my overqualified Ivy League Uncle.

NFL … Not For Long

Rooney made a rule. It’s tired and broke.

Vacant offices, packed benches and stands.

This issue unknown to average fans.

Seven black coaches fired. None were hired.

Six GM interviews, none transpired.

Strong enough to run the ball, missing in

front office halls, stuck and drugged up to play,

with few opportunities after game day.

1961 to desegregate

the Redskins took action from JFK

12% of the population is

80% percent of the game. No doubt

Fritz and Bobby now proud and enraged.

The rule is serving no purpose today.

A Dream Come True: Kingston University London Graduation

Oh the power of prayer and positive thinking!
Oh the power of prayer and positive thinking!
Shout out to these two for my life!
Shout out to these two for my life!

Don’t miss you! I repeat DON’T MISS YOU!

Nobody will care for you or about you the way you do. Belief in the impossible has brought me places I only dreamed of.

Dreams are just dreams, until they come true.

My cup runneth over and often I spill when I sip, as if I have a hole in my lip.

As I continue to plant seeds and water my mind I trust photosynthesis to play its part as I do mine.

The favor over my life is mind numbing, I sincerely couldn’t be more grateful.

Somebody feels me.

As I continue to work out what I believe in this world, I won’t apologize for being awkward.

I’ve just got to be me.

You can’t score if you don’t shoot.

As I move from continent to continent, here I am.

Rain, sleet, snow and wind.

I’ll never put a dream on hold, I’ll just hold on to my dreams as I continue to get better.

My mind can’t be conquered.

Flatmate / Sister / Friend for Life = Sidrah !
Flatmate / Sister / Friend for Life = Sidrah !
A few of the people that mean the world to me.
A few of the people that mean the world to me.
The stage I walked across :)
The stage I walked across 🙂
Me and My Degree!
Me and My Degree!



Susanna from my MA Creative Writing Program!
Susanna from my MA Creative Writing Program!


Corey my homie from the 919 from Raleigh to London and beyond! The sky is the limit!!!!!!!
Corey my homie from the 919 from Raleigh to London and beyond! The sky is the limit!!!!!!!


A Sonnet for Sallie

A Sonnet for Sallie

You beg and hound me for more of nothing.

Taking more than you ever provided.

I lack the patients for your oppression.

Expressions of creativity you

see come with zero guarantees. So please,

believe in my attempts to achieve one

of these: a job or winning the lottery.

Maybe a discount for adversity?

International universities

forced me to wear two hats. One Black, one of

ambassador to the United States.

For several, foul sentiments I reshaped.

Here is an idea, you give me a job!

     I will be free from you one day,

     this is a sonnet for Sallie Mae.

Coldest Winter Ever
Cold World

Dream #4 – Château de la Napoule

The highlight of my trip to the French Rivera was visiting Château de la Napoule. This castle was restored by an American expatriate couple Henry and Marie Clews. Their love story inspired me to write this dream.

Henry and Marie

It was 1914 and they were both completely aware. Henry with the lot of his emotions loved Marie and she proved relentlessly that she did he. It was truly rare love they shared. They were an ideal match, a pair, two of a kind and they lived as such. Henry complimented Marie’s urge to create. Marie stirred in Henry an artistic inspiration only known to the greatest artisans who ever employed ten fingers to place in our world what we have come to know as beauty.


The world of their love was void of jealousy, spite, or any ill sentiments that could distract from sincere requited attachment and affection. As time collected and faded into stories of the past their love grew deeper and stronger. They sought out space to share their world. As construction neared completion the lovers and all their belongings arrived in a new place. They called it home.


On this day, Henry rested his hand on the small of Marie’s back and they climbed the stairs to the new nest of their mutual affection. The sun was shining on them as it often did. Marie reached for the door knob but before she could access the new holding place of their allegiance Henry grabbed her hand spinning her around in his arms.

Next to the grand front door was a large stone with an inscription. Henry held her close and insisted, “Read it Marie.”

Marie kissed Henry smiling wider than a toothless baby then obeyed,

Welcome to the home established by Marie and Henry constructed upon a foundation of cement, brick, and everlasting love. Shall this stone serve as a reminder to all that the two who first occupied this space in the world and this place in time possessed an indestructible passion for one another that will continue to permeate the rooms and halls of this home. Because love once existed here, love will always live here. Should the God we so humbly serve choose to burn to the ground this dwelling we shall not weep. Wherever we are together love will live and persevere. Whether upon this earth or in heaven, from now until the end of time.

Welcome home Marie. Love always Henry.


Marie melted into Henry’s arms crying tears that could drown a mermaid. “Thank you Henry.”

“Thank you Marie” Henry fought an internal battle to conceal his emotions as men often do. He forced a smile to his face kissing Marie delighted to have overwhelmed her once again with his infinite love. “Anything for you.”

They were left with no choice but to live happily ever after.













These are tires!




Once Upon a Time ...
Once Upon a Time …
Henry and Marie Clews
Henry and Marie Clews



Mandelieu-La Napoule, France

What’s up everybody?!

If you don’t mind I would like to share with you some highlights of my trip to Mandelieu-La Napouple, France. Mandelieu is for sure a best kept secret of the French Rivera! South of Cannes this quiet area is where the yachts sleep 🙂







Yacht Club!


America! We outchea!!!
The train bridge.
Cypress Trees!




Randomly beautiful.


By far the biggest moon I’ve ever seen.


After all this time in London some  sunshine was amazing.
After all this time in London some sunshine was amazing.
Celebrate Good!
Celebrate Good!


Cannes, France

What’s up world?

A dream came true and I visited Cannes, France.


I’m worldwide like McDonalds!











Something beautiful.
Something beautiful.


Up top views.

Notre-Dame de l’Espérance, Cannes

Palais des Festivals et des Congrès – Cannes Festival Hall – This is where the Film Festival takes place 🙂