NCMAE #4 – School and Jobs

NCMAE #4 – School and Jobs “I never sent my kids to school. Nope not one day. I never believed in sending them to school. I sent them to work. I told them education was their job. You’re being trained. You go there and you arrive on time. You do your

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“Hey Grandma” “Hi baby. Took you a while huh?” “Yea I had to take the long way, it took forever.” “Nothing wrong with taking the long way. Sometimes that’s the best path.” “Is it?” “I remember growing up in Georgia. Me and my brothers and sisters would pick anything: butterbeans,

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NCMAE #2 – Back, Black, and Better Than Before

Time. Time stops for no one. This lapse in communication actually stimulated productivity. I have a new job, I’ve moved to Brooklyn, I’m happy. My new project was entirely inspired by someone who has impacted my life since day one. She helped to shape my thinking and I’ve elected to

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Give Thanks

Thank you for continuously delivering me from people and environments where I do not belong. Thank you for your relentless love and protection as I walk through the cold realities and necessary learning curves that accompany life in this physical world. Thank you for my favor shield and my sound

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The Soul of Shoes

I remember working at Footlocker as I have frequently over the years – I applaud the company for always welcoming me back with open arms – I was the only stripes in the store this particular morning. Alex was in the back and Freddy was making drops when a customer

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Got the Green Light

  I feel like a green light. Nothing can impede my progress.Not traffic, not accidents, not even running out of gas. There is no stopping a green light. Go means go, and I go hard. Harder than the car in the next lane. Faster than the fastest cars and the

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Moral Ammunition

I represent change. Recent events have encouraged me to explore the fine line between truth and proof. When it comes to encouraging change yes proof and evidence are necessary for action. The fact of the matter is,  proof and evidence shouldn’t become a crutch or excuse for inaction;  or even

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Moving On

The older I get the easier it becomes to move on. The more mature I grow the simpler it is to say no. With the years I’ve noticed a decrease in fears. And the louder my headphones the less drama I hear.

The New New Yorker

I am the new New Yorker. Still excited by all of the lights. Never upset about being lost. Rarely in a hurry. I try to blend in. I try not to look up. I try not to let on that I’m new. They know. I am the new New Yorker.

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