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Too Worn Out

Too Worn Out   Incessantly insisting ‘keep the peace’ and dry my useless tears, forgetting that I bear a pain beyond my years.   ‘Wake up and smell the weeds’ tomorrow isn’t promised nor is later, to be honest.   Holding hope in my hand until it escapes through these

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Only right now matters. Time is an illusion that floats by undetected. A long and a short hand spoiled by thoughts and wants for the future. If we’re pleased by the present why are we plagued and distracted by tomorrow? After all, here we are. Tonight and today. Near and

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How I feel

Once my world was Cary then it was North Carolina then America and now the world. This life knows no limits. Once I stepped out into the world it opened up and my perspective has never been the same. Truth remains relevant along with everything else real. Good or bad

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Dream #10

I could feel myself melting all over the ground like a chocolate kiss in the palm of a hot hand. He would talk and talk and talk. He would rhyme from time to time. Not like a poet or rapper. Just random rhymes. I had to pay attention to speak

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Dreams #8

My dreams are brighter than me, so I often sit and watch and listen. Boom … boom … boom! Footsteps from behind, but I was afraid to turn and look. Then I was mad at myself for being so shook. Fear is a waste of time. Surprises can be overwhelming.

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