Moral Ammunition

I represent change. Recent events have encouraged me to explore the fine line between truth and proof. When it comes to encouraging change yes proof and evidence are necessary for action. The fact of the matter is,  proof and evidence shouldn’t become a crutch or excuse for inaction;  or even

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Into the Light

Into the Light Inside my tomorrows that run rampant in my dreams, between my awakening and my destiny. I rest thankfully inspired by my favorite word ‘go’ and for the knowledge and courage that help me grow. When the fog grew thick, and I wanted to quit I am eternally

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Dreams #11

There was only one window. The darkness of the night left the room dreary and lonely. The entire space was cold because of the nights eerie sentiment. Closing her eyes she remembered a brighter time. It was just a week ago. She was free to roam. Free to live. Outside

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NCMAE #1 – Straws, Plates and Troughs

NCMAE #1 – Straws, Plates and Troughs We celebrate her birthday December 8th. No one is for sure when she was really born because it was never written down. It was sometime in the early 1920’s. She tends to repeat things. I had heard the story many times before but every time

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Another Declaration of Independence

Another Declaration of Independence There were fireworks but the show eventually ended. The more adamant he grew the more I knew it would never really be. He forever had a plan but no execution, no money and no way of making things happen. He was an idea man. A true

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I sat resting uneasy on that of which we exist, where the clocks are all wrong because time never mattered. I continuously wonder why we are all so bad at being good and when we became comfortable with being wrong. With my soul as my witness I wonder what it’s

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The Reality of it

Global warming is real however, my life experiences keep proving the world grows colder every single day. People lose focus and worry about all the wrong things. People make poor decisions that impact society with little regard for their actions. Over the course of my 25 years I’ve visited 20

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Moving On

The older I get the easier it becomes to move on. The more mature I grow the simpler it is to say no. With the years I’ve noticed a decrease in fears. And the louder my headphones the less drama I hear.