Love the Hair You Wear 3 was as always insanely informative and full of beauty products! This year majority of my goodies were full sized! The gems of LTHYW3 after several weeks of experimentation are Cantu’s Apple Cider Vinegar Root Rinse and the matching Dry Co-Wash! The root rinse gives you that tingly clean. Extremely refreshing through the wash out process. You’ll feel like you have a new head!

On the beauty side Sweet Air wowed me with my perfect shade of 3D shadow. The shade Pixel is sheer deep copper. Blends Very well!

The moral of Love The Hair You Wear 3 was clip your ends. I’ll leave you to interpret that anyway you like. Until next year …


Nike is showing New York a lotta love this summer. The sport giant upgraded a Greenpoint skatepark then hosted a block party with all kinds of giveaways to celebrate the reopening. Skaters were impressed and appreciative of the fresh space, which Brooklyn News12 reports cost Nike SB over $300k. Check out the new McCarron Skatepark in Williamsburg, Brooklyn on ‪#‎GoSkateboardingDay‬ featuring an official OFASHO beat.


“Hey Grandma”

“Hi baby. Took you a while huh?”

“Yea I had to take the long way, it took forever.”

“Nothing wrong with taking the long way. Sometimes that’s the best path.”

“Is it?”

“I remember growing up in Georgia. Me and my brothers and sisters would pick anything: butterbeans, turnip greens, blackberries anything. If it grew we picked it. We would bring what we picked home to momma. She knew what to make. She could make anything. But a lotta times when we were on our way home we would pass this white woman’s house. She would yell out the window or from her porch ‘What did yall pick today?’ We would try to ignore her but she would come take whatever we had anyway – or whoop us. ‘Bring em here let me see’ she would holler. So after a while … you know we ain’t dumb right?”

“Yes I know that for a fact.”

“After a while we started walking the long way home. Through the woods, past our turn just so we could make it home with what we picked. What belonged to us. There is nothing wrong with taking the long way. As long as you get where you going baby.”

Got the Green Light



I feel like a green light. Nothing can impede my progress.Not traffic, not accidents, not even running out of gas.

There is no stopping a green light. Go means go, and I go hard. Harder than the car in the next lane. Faster than the fastest cars and the bigger cars hogging up multiple lanes.

I keep my oil changed, I rotate my tires, and maintain a clean interior so I can run efficiently and productively. I am the green light, controlling the traffic around me.

Even when the power is out my light still shines. I don’t see stop signs. I turn on and I’m out.

Some want to ride when they see my gleaming green light, but this is a coupe and no one rides for free.

So if you see me rolling around with the windows down in your town stay out of my lane.

Honk, honking shining in green on skinny tires, that’s me.

Vroom, vrooming past the Sunday drivers. Watch what you say and see, all the lights turn green for me!



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Another Declaration of Independence

Another Declaration of Independence

There were fireworks but the show eventually ended. The more adamant he grew the more I knew it would never really be. He forever had a plan but no execution, no money and no way of making things happen. He was an idea man. A true mad man that could talk a new hole in the head of anyone willing to listen, then leave you there leaking. As he incessantly rambled I knew better. Not this time. Not me. I was willing to crop him out of the picture before allowing him to tarnish my portrait and in that moment I knew I had grown. Naive no more the new me had emerged. I put my foot down. No more being pushed around. I had made up my mind.    



Dave was out in the tall grass every afternoon after school. Gloria hated it because of the grass stains permanently settled into the knees of every pair of jeans he could fit. However, it was easier cleaning jeans than cleaning the house after rainy days when Dave was forced to play inside. She preferred him outside, she picked her battles carefully.


Alongside the field there were several downed trees, Dave and his friends from school played by these logs every afternoon. Dave called Jim over as he picked up one of the older mossy logs. Jim grabbed a stick and squished an innocent juicy green caterpillar. Dave wanted to fuss but wasn’t interested in the jokes that came along with protesting bug life. Jim laughed and pushed the guts on the end of the stick in Dave’s face. Dave screamed, dropped the log and ran away. As Jim chased Dave through the field clouds crowded the sky. A short time later the sky was engulfed in grey and began to crack with sounds of roaring thunder. Dave ran back towards the log to grab his backpack. He knew his mom wouldn’t tolerate him being out during a storm.

“You scared of a lil thunder?” Jim teased still waving the guts of the lifeless caterpillar.

“No! But we should go. It’ll rain soon and last time I stayed out during the storm I couldn’t play outside for a week!” Dave began to walk toward the road that led to the neighborhood they both lived in.

Jim sat on the log by the field and stuck his tongue out anticipating the salty taste of a rain drop, he reported “No rain yet!”

“C’mon Jimmy! It’s time and the game’ll be on soon” Dave protested and began to walk away continuously checking over his shoulder expecting Jim to get up and follow him.

Dave was on the road heading home. He could see Jim in the distance as the rain began, he was still on the log playing with the stick.  The rain grew more intense by the moment. Dave yelled again, “Let’s go Jimmy!”

His calls through the rain were all in vain. A moment later as Jim sat stubbornly on the log lightening struck and his body glowed in a hue Dave never knew. Dave cried out to his friend as thunder shook the ground chasing closely after the life ceasing lightening. Dave ran home bursting in the back door sobbing incoherently. Gloria wiped her flour covered hands on her apron and unsuccessfully attempted to console her son.

“Jimmy…. lightening…. “ was all Gloria could gather between the tears. With her big boy on her hip she raced for the phone and made three of the quickest calls of her life. Her longwinded nature was put in place by the urgency of the situation. First she called 911, next Donna Jimmy’s mother, and finally her husband a local sheriff’s deputy currently out on duty.

During the second call Dave had had enough of her rehashing his erratic behavior and the report of Jimmy’s accident. Dave pushed his way away from his mother and hit the ground running towards his room. Still wet from the rain Dave grabbed his blanket and headed for his only indoor comfort zone. His closet. Once he felt safe and sound inside he cried and cried and cried. He cried incessantly like a starving baby. He cried like a scorned lover alone in the dark. He cried as if he was the remorseful strike of lightening that took the life of a child.

It rained. It rained and rained and rained until it began to pour. The sky fell out and it seemed to be no end to the tears falling from the heavens above. The rain drops were the size of Dave’s tear drops and neither would let up.


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Too Worn Out

Too Worn Out


Incessantly insisting ‘keep the peace’

and dry my useless tears,

forgetting that I bear

a pain beyond my years.


‘Wake up and smell the weeds’

tomorrow isn’t promised

nor is later,

to be honest.


Holding hope in my hand

until it escapes through these fingers

like sand.

Simply a shell lingers.


Cardinals chirp atop trees.

Brown twigs,

without leaves sway

in a dry rainforest.


I’d rather be blind

than watch a leman break,

coming away a lifeless

grey soul to take.


Regardless of the glory,

despite the sweet taste of the sun,

Another victim of the system.

Simply a lesson learned.


For Paul Lawrence Dunbar

Miss Adventure


“Skip to my Lou pretty lady” it was still funny even though he said it every single day. He’s my skipper and I’m the first mate. So naturally I’m Lou. Saturday came quick as I anxiously anticipated our alone time. It was our first day without passengers in two weeks and life felt like a vacation. A staycation. An even keel. On our boat. Just us. Us and water. There was nothing around as far as we could see. Nothing but us. There was nothing else to be concerned with. Just us. Me and my skipper. The Skip to my Lou.

That moment I knew we had something. Something that would inevitably end but we were in the thick of it. We swam every day. He like to sing. He couldn’t sing well but it sounded beautiful to me. All it took was eye contact. Eye contact ignited us. Our zone, our world, our universe. I attempted to contain our world. Which currently consisted of the yacht.

He dropped the anchor. In the midst of the extreme calmness he whispered in my ear “come closer.” I played hard to get for all of five seconds. He knew better, but it was fun to pretend I didn’t want him. Besides, why shouldn’t I? Why shouldn’t we? I had a vision of our situation before I left London. Maybe it was a premonition or a dream! Regardless, my imagination wouldn’t allow me to let this moment go. On top of that, if I’m brave what should I be afraid of?

The wind blew pretty hard. His American flag and my Union Jack flapped viciously side by side in the zephyr. He moved my hair out of my face. We didn’t speak for a while. It was the loudest and most comfortable silence I’ve ever shared with my skip. Only the birds drifting by could know the freedom I felt in that moment. Sweat was the glue that kept us stuck together. The pitch in sync with our breathing.

There is no feeling like freedom. Having no where to be or no one looking for me. I wonder what he’s thinking about. I hope he’s thinking about me. Then the interruption of the thoughts I was lost in, “What’s your favorite color?”

I turned to look him in his eyes, “green.”

“Mine too.”

And with those two words he sealed the deal.