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Category: Letters


Honored to participate in reading the words of Frederick Douglass. Dozens attend reading of Frederick Douglass’ ‘Fourth of July’ speech at historic site in Durham

Black Adventures 1.4 | Unity Cemetery of Rocky Mount, North Carolina Part 1

This past year I’ve been sharing an incredible experience with conscious community leaders from Rocky Mount, North Carolina; the restoration of the historic Unity Cemetery. My perpetual quest…


I never thought this would happen to me. Straight like that. I’m going to tell you about the only class I ever failed, because if I don’t nothing…

Letters: Biomythography

My seed fell from a tree planted on a mound of orange dirt during a bone chilling North Carolina snowstorm. That orange mound knew nothing of the influence…

Letters: Garvin

Dear Judge Usan, My name is Jheri Hardaway. I am a writer and educator in New York City. I hail from Cary, North  Carolina. I grew up in…