As a passionate educator and education reformer I’m thrilled by this moment of change.

Welcome to the Independent Literature Lab! 

Part of my purpose is teaching students text based life skills as well as African American literature and culture. I am the author of M.E.E.T. me for Cheese and Chocolate as well as the creator of the coming series Outside. In efforts to reform cookie cutter education practices I’ve created the Independent Literature Lab. Our culturally relevant curriculum allows students to flourish while building writing and study skills with intriguing content. 

I.L.L. Sessions take place on Monday and Wednesday from 5PM – 7PM with a Saturday morning make up and support session from 9AM – 11AM all EST.

The pod will hold five students maximum. I.L.L. Sessions will be recorded in case a student becomes unavailable. Lessons are designed for the middle and high school scholar but all are welcome.

I.L.L. Sessions Feature:

  1. Culturally Relevant Lesson
    1. Aligned with the African American Experience
    2. Focusing on the elements of American history that have not been taught
  2. Socratic Seminar
  3. Writing Technique Practice
  4. Follow Up Assignment
  5. Graded Feedback 
  6. Parent Follow Up 

This pod allows students and families to opt in and out by week. Join us for two weeks or ten, the option is yours. -[=

$150 per week paid by Sunday at 6PM for the week’s Zoom information. I can also send an invoice please make the selection on the registration link below.

Request an invoice, Zelle or Cash App $MsJheriWorldwide

Launch December 7th!

Click here to register.