In honor of all the questions I have been receiving via email I have decided to construct a list. This list highlights all of the major strange or (let’s be politically correct) different aspects of life here in Switzerland. 

No to-go boxes or doggy bags at restaurants. Portions here are much smaller and food is so expensive. I like to make one meal into two. That is not an option, so I just have to eat as much as I can and leave the rest (which really sucks). 

Dogs eat chocolate. I have seen multiple people feed their dogs chocolate it’s a regular thing here. 

Paper in the States is 8 1⁄2 by 11. Paper here is longer and skinnier. And they don’t have three ring binders I have looked everywhere! They have these strange two ring binders. They really irritate me. Everything is smaller because people are smaller. The classrooms, elevators, everything is made for little people. And actually everyone is little. 

On a side note I went to breakfast with Teez (from Syria), Gita (from Poland), and Kaye (from Virginia). We went to this little café by the train station in Geneva. A guy walks in that is clearly medically obese. Gita turns to us and says, “Wow! That’s the first American-size person I have seen since being in Switzerland.” My first instinct was to slap the words out of her mouth . . . but then I thought about it. Everyone here is small. And it is true people in America are bigger, so did I really have the right to be mad at all? 

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