Well I had my first seminar on Geopolitics yesterday . . . Unfortunately I was late because mass transportation and I are very unfamiliar. I am doing the best I can with the trains, trams, and buses but it is rather difficult. In North Carolina mass transportation generally means a school bus or carpool. I miss my little car that could, also known as Black Beauty the Miracle Whip. I don’t miss putting gas in it though. I am sad to hear about Conan being gone as well as the Saints going to the Super Bowl. Oh well . . . on to the next one. 

French class thus far has been pretty interesting, we have a fifteen-minute break half way through class. It started snowing on my way to the Ecole Migros, I hope my Uggs are not completely ruined; they are the only protection my feet have against this bitter old woman cold. The teacher does not speak much English. Aside from us cracking jokes, Professor John is continuously laughing because he says all the students in my particular class speak French with a Spanish dialect. We have all taken numerous years of Spanish and are fairly new to French. 

Snow is becoming an enemy of mine and I think I’ve figured out why. In North Carolina when it snows everything stops. No school, no work, no McDonalds. But here people thrive in the snow. They are on some Energizer Bunny stuff they just keep going, I’m trying to do the same but the snow slows me down. All the snow makes me want to curl up with a hot chocolate and do nothing for a while (that’s not an option here). 

I miss you all especially my loyal readers. Your comments and emails motivate me, thank you so much. A special thank you to my cousin Sean who told me about the new Gucci Mane “Lemonade” I feel connected to you and Elise through Gucci! Burr!