I come to you live from another rainy day in London. I’m beginning to love who I’m turning into. This website is a reflection of my progression. I’m so proud of what my team and I have put together. Special shout out to Mr. Sheesh for keeping the site together. 

Just cooked some cheese grits and bacon for the Haitian. You remember my flatmate Stephanie? (See Post Twenty-Three aka The Birthday Post) She devoured the grits. Watching her enjoying my grits was meaningful because I’ve been talking to her about grits since I met her. The fact that she enjoyed them proves that grits really are awesome (if cooked properly – wait till the water is boiling!).

Things are coming along smoothly despite the rain. The rain is a necessary step toward a rainbow. I’m back in my box in Seething Wells. Kickin it. Putting pen to paper and fingertips to letters that pop up on the screen. I am finalizing my screenplay and short story that I mentally drafted over the Easter break. I’m quite exhausted. The jet lag is pretty bad this go round but this too shall pass. I miss the 80-degree weather of Phoenix, Arizona. At least Mom and Jason are warm and toasty!

In other news, my Nana bought me a London Fog coat and it is the warmest and driest garment I’ve worn in my entire 23 years on this earth and wherever I came from prior to. I should also be sponsored by London Fog. I fully endorse the product. Many cold days could have been prevented if this jacket and I would have crossed paths before Switzerland … before Iceland! But hey, I’m warm now that is all that truly matters.

Speaking of Switzerland …. For all my “M.E.E.T. me for Cheese and Chocolate” readers Momma C is coming to London with Nelson and Viviane!!!!!!!! Next month we’re going to brunch and I CAN’T WAIT! I’m so excited to see my host Mom from Switzerland. She taught me about European wine and cheese andddd Chocolate!!!!!  YAY! MOMMA C!!!

To conclude, I would like to share with you wonderful readers that I’m looking to relocate my personal empire. It is time to get the hell up outta this residence hall. Don’t get me wrong I would not trade this experience in Seething Wells for the world! We are a family behind the blue gates. But they’re kicking me out June 23 so moves must be made. I also need to be closer to my job at the Olympics! Currently I’m in Kingston upon Thames southwest London. However, I’ll be working northeast. This morning commute on public transit is almost an hour and forty minutes! I AM NOT ABOUT THAT LIFE! So as you can see, moves must be made. I’m strategically making my way closer to Central London. I have a few promising leads so I’m just waiting for something to materialize.

Basically, I’m waiting for the Queen to call and offer me a room….