Hampton Court Palace

This was an excellent week. The rainy days can’t hold me! I must to admit… I have issues with it getting dark at 4:00PM! It seems like the day is done but it’s far from over, it’s just dark. On another note, for all intents and purposes I am completely English now. I’ve converted my everyday vernacular to the following:

  1. Toilet – Loo
  2. Toilet paper – Loo Roll
  3. Diaper – Nappy
  4. Professor – Tutor
  5. Fries – Chips
  6. Chips – Crisps
  7. Candy – Sweets
  8. Friend – Mate
  9. Line or Question – Queue
  10. Vacation – Holiday
  11. Man – Bloke
  12. Subway – Tube
  13. Freeway – Motorway

These are pretty basic. Let’s get a little more intricate:

  1. Cheers: Thank you, goodbye, excuse me…
  2. Rubbish: Any thing unwanted
  3. Jacket Potato – Baked potato
  4. A School Boy – Someone laughing or joking on you
  5. Taking the Piss – Someone laughing at you hard
  6. Spot on – Right on/Exactly
  7. Drink Up – Party consisting of drinking
  8. Uni – University
  9. Shop – Store
  10. Quid – Buck

And since were on the subject of money. I wonder every time I pick up a pound why must the Queen put her face on every single denomination? We know you are the Queen nobody is denying this fact. But why do you need to be on alll the pounds and allll the pence?! In America our dead Presidents share the honor of being exchanged for everything under the sun. I’m out for Presidents to represent me, not one monarch. The Queen is cool but she could put the Prince on the penny. Give him something to work towards.

This past week was stressful, it was my last full week of classes and tons of writing took place but I was also able to make some exciting mo….

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