Who would have thought… it is official we have made it my people to the TWENTIETH POST!  As the plot progressively thickens I come to you live and direct from another rainy day in London, England. Special shout out to the British people. Three things I have found to be blatantly better in the UK: public transportation, health care, and chocolate! Wondering how all these things relate? Well allow me to enlighten you…

Transportation: Kingston Uni is about 30 to 40 minutes southwest of Central London. Generally to escape this suburban borough I would take a train to Waterloo Station and hop on the Underground, costing about £8.50. Well now I have cut the price in half! I take the bus to the nearest Underground station in Richmond, a genius plan brought to my attention by my dear Sophie (who just got into drama school, which is a HUGE deal!!).

Health Care:  Healthcare in America is too EXPENSIVE. My fellow Seething Weller Kamran asked me, ‘so what if you would have fallen sick, what would you do?’ My response, ‘I would pray.’ But by the grace of God I never really got sick. I did have some back problems but I decided to use herbal remedies. Since I have affordable health care while living here in the UK I went to the doctor. My exam was covered and I’m in perfect health! I also went to the dentist which cost £17 but the peace of mind that my teeth aren’t going to fall out of my head made the price well worth it.

Chocolate: I must confess. After coming clean about Fish n Chips in my previous post I hope my fellow Americans don’t find the following comments to be unpatriotic: European chocolate puts Hershey’s to shame. The only chocolate maker in America that can hold a candle to European chocolate is See’s Candies. Other than See’s I think I’m done with American chocolate all together. I’ll just eat Skittles and Starburst when I come back home.

All in all, I must conclude that America is not a good place to be when you are broke. The UK is much more sensitive to people with only a few pennies or pence to rub together. You can get around, you can get treatment. I didn’t expect to say this but I really do feel taken care of by the British government.

More to come my people!

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