These British people claim to be speaking English. Often, I’m not so sure. I didn’t anticipate a language barrier within the same language but it is what it is. I always hear what I need to hear and that’s what matters.

My lectures are motivating and inspirational, by far the best part of being here. I’m working on a screenplay and a novel. It’s difficult from time to time because my tutors make a lot of references to contemporary British authors that I’ve never heard of. Before I came here I should have read more British literature but I was stuck on Jay-Z’s Decoded and re-reading The Great Gatsby for at least the 15th time.

I would also like to mention the university newspaper The River. This paper publishes articles with a level of depth that I’ve never seen in a school paper. They address issues that matter instead of being an air horn of campus gossip. I read an article last week that knocked the wind out of me. There are some fascinating people attending this university! As a person who follows the news and international relations faithfully, to read these interviews with Arab students was to hear first hand accounts of events that Anderson Cooper and Wolf Blitzer attempt to explain as they were occurring. These students fought for their lives, the lives of their family members, their countries and against dictators! Now they sit in classrooms studying engineering. To me this remarkable. To be studying alongside students that have endured so much so early in the game, but continue to persevere reflects a strength that I never knew existed. To take up arms and literally fight for your country and to defend your family at the age of 20 I can’t quite fathom.

In lighter news, Sophie recently grew fed up with me running away from foxes. She informed me that, “Foxes are like squirrels so there is no need to fear them.” 

I was like… well damn. These creatures form little gangs running the streets at night. They look scary as hell but they don’t bother anybody. This weekend I visited Greenwich which is east of central London (Kingston is southwest). I was kickin it with a few awesome German friends. They chef’d up a dinner that was sooo good I wish I could rewind back time and eat it again. After feeding the bones from the chicken to some foxes I realized how truly harmless they are. I say all this to inform you: I’m no longer scared of foxes.

If you decide to come visit me take comfort in knowing that I’ve mastered the Kingston- Surbiton area. Soon I will be venturing out more into Central London, especially since my international student discount card just came in the mail! Kingston is such a nice area with a rich history. Coming from America sometimes it’s strange when I realize how old things are. In the USA we have a history dating back 200 plus years. Here things go wayyyyyy further back. My residence hall has some serious history behind it. Lately I have been inquiring about the halls, by the look of the bricks these structures have been standing for a while. Hopefully soon I’ll get a logical explanation of the purpose of this place before the University made it into a residence hall so stay tuned.