Once upon a time in New York City an educator came up with a creative concept to facilitate innovative learning experiences for underrepresented scholars. The educator was tired of the cycle of uninspiring classes and excessive standardized testing. This educator yearned for a way to enlighten, inspire, and expose students to their communities and opportunities.

The educator is me. Outside: A Learning Journey was created from this mindset and experience.

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It took several years of pitching and conceptualizing to refining idea. I was able to meet many incredible people along the way. One made a huge difference, Andreya Matthews. Andreya became the videographer and director for the Outside project. Her vision was essential in bringing this vision to life. She helped me to shoot a casting reel in 2018, starring the incomparable future leaders Azure and Tania. Check it out.

Understanding how to create innovative and inspiring spaces for young people is an art. It took a lot of trial and error. Check out some of the experiences cultivated as the concept of Outside was refined. Take a look.

In conclusion, as with many things in our current state of affairs I’m not sure what will become of Outside. I’m not giving up, I just haven’t discovered the path forward yet. I’m open to ideas and feedback. Please enjoy Outside.

Outside: Pilot East Harlem, NY

Thank you for watching,

Ms Jheri Worldwide