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Category: Travels

Black Adventures 1.6: Heyward-Washington House of Charles Town

Downtown Charleston is filled with historical markers, cobblestones, and homes with more history than many parts of the United States. I listened to what these historic structures told…

Black Adventures 1.5 | Middleton Plantation & Perpetual Generational Wealth

For research purposes, I decided I needed an immersive experience on an American chattel slavery plantation. My third plantation this year, I realized the only way I could…

Black Adventures 1.3 | Stagville Plantation

Historic Stagville still stands. This 1776, wagon Road turned into a booming plantation by 1860. The Cameron Family was empowered to exert control over more than 30,000 acres…

Black Adventures 1.2 | Shirley Plantation

Did you know that the oldest family run business in America is a plantation? Shirley Plantation Launched with a government land grant in 1613, approximately 15 generations later white…

Black Adventures 1.1 | Thomas Day Furniture

My search for inspiration for my creativity led me to Milton, North Carolina. The trip was an incredible experience in fine and timeliness design. Please meet Thomas Day….

MJWW: Saint George’s, Bermuda

More island time. More sunshine. More claiming what is mine. More me time.