Dear Admissions Committee, 

It is with great pride and pleasure that I highly recommend Dante X to be accepted to your institution. Dante has continuously displayed exceptional character, dedication to his studies, and an elevated sense of community from a young age. 

I met Dante in 2017, although he was not in my advisory at that time, he was well-known around school and would stop by my classroom to visit friends. Dante has always been well-liked and even admired by his peers, for this reason, he was always welcomed in my classroom. The following school year, Dante was placed in my advisory. I would meet with Dante three times daily; morning arrival, lunch, and at the end of the day prior to dismissal.  

During the two years when Dante was my advisee, I was able to build with him academically and personally. During our circle and share time, Dante often led the conversation. He was always willing to break the ice and speak first, but also an exceptional listener when others shared (link to our circle from the Holidays). I noticed other students would seek out Dante’s advice, and they listened closely. Dante thinks deep, and his peers recognized this skill and value his feedback. Although soft-spoken, Dante maintains the ability to command the room. 

Academically, Dante is sharp and detail-oriented. In our advisory, we set weekly goals and followed up on them on Fridays. Dante never needed to be reminded to set or follow up on his goals. Three times a year, students were required to host a Student-Led Conference. Dante’s parents attended every conference, and we collectively concluded that with time his conferences progressed immensely. His ability to continually grow and improve stresses the fact that he will be an asset to any college campus. 

Externally, as an educator, I am always looking for ways to make the education experience more special. One way was a program I have pitched called Outside, Dante was a participant in the pilot episode (link here). Also, during the summer, I would host tutoring sessions at the Joseph Kennedy Center on 135th street in Harlem, New York City. Dante was a dedicated participant. He chose to use his time to work with me on writing and professional skills when he had other options. Dante’s dedication to excellence is evident in his commitment to going above and beyond personally and academically. 

To conclude, if I held a university I would seek out students like Dante X to attend. 

Jheri D. Hardaway