Dear Judge Usan,

My name is Jheri Hardaway. I am a writer and educator in New York City. I hail from Cary, North  Carolina. I grew up in a affluent community known as Research Triangle Park where just a handful of my friends looked like me. In my largely white high school I forged a support network of a small group of like minded friends of all hews, backgrounds and histories. Our families formed bonds and began to lean on each other. We would carpool daily, spend summers and winter holidays together. Through a best friend inside this circle I met Garvin. Garvin is the brother of a very close family friend. We have known each other well over fifteen years. We grew up with the same values and similar opportunities. 

Garvin is a fantastic American. Over the years, I’ve spent time with Garvin in New York and North Carolina. We have bonded and built with each other; we have encouraged each other to dream big and to work hard. In all of our experiences I have found Garvin to be a family man and a provider always open to ideas around entrepreneurship and innovation. He truly embodies the American spirit of ingenuity, building for oneself to prosper and provide. In my personal opinion, Garvin is ahead of his time. Society is at times slow to celebrate our contemporary innovators because they struggle to fully comprehend the innovation. He was ahead. Other entrepreneurs of the same product are encouraged, while men of color are incarcerated. It is the same leaf. I believe this to be the case with Garvin. 

I would like to ask that Garvin be freed from imprisonment and allowed to build his business and provide for his family in peace. Ghosts of legal troubles past appear to haunt Garvin however, just like many members of our governmental leadership he deserves a clean slate. Garvin contributes to society by taking care of his personal responsibilities and cultivating opportunities for others. Garvin behind bars is a waste of taxpayer money and a strong set of able bodied hardworking hands out of our American workforce. 

Please strongly consider liberating Garvin Wheat from the detention facility where too much of his time and our taxpayer money have already been wasted. 


Jheri Hardaway