Anyway, I have been working on this independent study project like it’s my last assignment in life! But I have pretty much run out of things to say. The UN Security Council has to be reformed in order for justice to be achieved globally—see I just summed up the whole paper in one sentence I don’t need 30 pages! I have been going back and forth to the United Nations library everyday, I sure hope I get a good grade on this independent study (or else!).

I spent all of last weekend with the family and I can’t express to you how much I love them, I could not have picked a better family. Momma C’s sister my Swiss-German Aunt Evelyn came to visit and we had a ball! I ate barbecue lamb, yummy! Between Momma C and chocolate I don’t know what I’ll miss more, she has been so wonderful to me.

So other than that there is not much else to report, I depart Saturday morning for Croatia! I’m pretty excited because breakfast, lunch, and dinner are going to be covered by S.I.T. Wait let me rephrase that (because in all the money we paid to get here the cost of the meals is actually coming out of my pocket) but I digress, I won’t have to spend money in Croatia and that’s going to be wonderful!

I’m also trying to enjoy my last days stuck with this group. Some people I have grown to love others I stay away from at all costs. It’s actually kind of interesting the way groups work. The two girls that I thought were the strangest ones at first are two that I’m very close to. As some of you faithful readers may remember I spoke of a girl whom I thought would end up on a Girls Gone Wild video, and then the girl from the love triangle. Well, upon further inspection they are not at all what I assumed them to be (life lesson learned) and I will definitely keep in touch with them once we go home.

We do have some excursions in Croatia to some islands off the coast so stay tuned for elaboration on that adventure. Until we meet again friends . . .

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