Hello ladies and gents, things have been improving by leaps and bounds on this side of the world. I’m honored to report that the temperature has been attempting to climb slowly but surely since we last spoke. I am also proud to report that I am almost finished with the paper on International Security in the 21st century! To clarify from the last post on the international level individual nations are sometimes referred to as ‘nation-states’ or ‘states.’ 

Friday we had our best seminar yet! A great man by the name of Colum Murphy came to speak with us about peacekeeping. For some of you this name might sound familiar. Dr. Murphy has published numerous books and founded the Geneva School of Diplomacy. In 1994, as a senior UN official in Bosnia, Dr. Murphy was responsible for negotiating the winter ceasefire thus ending the war. He spent a total of four years during and after the war in Bosnia. During his 33 years in diplomacy he assisted in other conflicts such as Somalia, Yugoslavia, Liberia and more. An important concept that he stressed to us as future human rights activists and leaders was the difference between being an idealist and a realist. He also told us to refer to the girls that work in the mini red light district behind the S.I.T. office as ‘working girls’ apparently this is what they prefer. A wealth of knowledge! 

After Dr. Murphy’s presentation I went to the United Nations library wandering around looking for someone to interview for my international security paper. A couple of people brushed me off, giving me the old ‘I don’t speak English treatment’, but one guy said he would help everybody. I have a meeting with him tomorrow Dr. Michael Veuthey! 

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