Over my morning tea while I was looking at the snow capped Alps a disturbing thought drifted into my head. I have to come back to America in 58 days! A general sadness came over me. So I have put plans in motion to enjoy this coming week as much as I possibly can. Stay tuned for details and pictures . . . 

This past week was overrun with excitement . . . Ok I’m exaggerating but I did have a few interesting encounters that I would like to share with you all. 

Monday we had a speaker from Webster University Dr. Alexandre J. Vautravers. He spoke to us about the Politics of International Economics, which was pretty much like talking in a big circle. This is because less than 1/3 of international economic trades are based on economics most are political, so we were right back to discussing the political issues we regularly argue over. I would share with you all some of his ideas but they were all voided in my opinion when he said that education was not a major factor. In my opinion a failed state (or a failed nation) cannot thrive without education. If you don’t educate the people the society as a whole is doomed to fail. Politics and economics cannot thrive with education, period.

After a presentation of the field study research my group and I did in Brussels about the Cohabitation of Dutch and French speaking communities, we went to Salon International de l’auto! They claim that it’s the world’s biggest car show it was heaven. Side note, to my line sister Allante who values nail polish as much as I do: I got Volvo nail polish in all the new 2010 Volvo car colors Cosmic White, Vibrant Copper, Ember Black!

While I was away getting my nail polish somehow Matt and Ron got into the Ashton Martin exhibit. They tried to act like they didn’t know me until they wanted photographic evidence that they made it past the glass barrier. We visited with the new 2010 models by Rolls-Royce, Mercedes-Benz 2010, Bentley, and Bugatti. 

Afterwards I walked home and took the path parallel to the train tracks. It’s the scenic view from the train station, I only walk this way when I don’t have to dress business casual. 

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