As I prepared to graduate early from college I realized that I had an extra semester academically. Instead of sitting around partying in Greensboro, North Carolina I decided my sophomore year that I would study abroad and party on the international level. Honestly I just wanted to go somewhere, anywhere! But with nowhere particular in mind I searched for a study abroad program near a beach that fit my academic interests; yes in the beginning all that mattered was being near a beach, I will admit to that. The real problem with choosing a program was honestly I’m interested in everything I enjoy learning, that’s when I turned to the International Studies office at my school North Carolina A&T State University. The staff took the time to get to know me and a semester later they discovered a program that they felt would be perfect for me. And it sure was, the Spring 2010 School for International Training: Multilateral Diplomacy and Social Justice program based in Geneva, Switzerland. After loads of paperwork and fundraising I was off to Geneva. I was able to obtain assistance from my parents, my grandfather, my school, and from The Arizona Cardinals. In actuality it took me no time to realize this program was a perfect fit for my interests! The course load was excellent; it combined many diverse international organizations, traveling to other countries, and free time where I could travel on my own.

If you are reading this book you have an earnest interest in expanding your horizons and finding out what the world has to offer. Some names have been changed but the heart of my story remains. And because you took the time to obtain this literary work of art and step into my thoughts I want you to consider this a conversation between you and me. Everywhere I have been you are about to go, and I wish you bon voyage (a good trip)!