Everything happens for a reason and things are happening over here.

First of all, it can’t begin this post without mentioning my friend Ese. I met her on my trip to Warwick Castle and Shakespeare’s House (post fifteen). She is the reason for my warmth. Fortunately she graduated recently, but unfortunately she went back home to Nigeria this week. Since there is no need for a coat in Nigeria she left me a 70% wool coat and I’ve been ridiculously warm ever since!!! I appreciate her because I’m warm and toasty, she gave me some great advice, and sunscreen!

I underestimated how I was going to feel coming back here after the holidays. Life truly peaked over the period of time when I left London returning to California (as you witnessed from some of the pictures I posted: parties, wine tastings, I was living good!). But between Ese and Aunt Toni I’m back and ready for whatever this semester brings.

I was literally living large on the West Coast. Life was at an all time high over the holidays. I left my 9 x 7 foot room in Kingston to a full bedroom and bathroom in my cousin’s house. My own room… my own room next to the kitchen! However, I was grinding while I was kickin it. Working towards my master plan. Hopefully yours is progressing as well. I gained a few necessary tools for my plan and participated in several other forms of nonsense. I miss home a little bit I can’t even lie. But I’m glad to be back here in London.

In other news, I found the British version of Kool-Aid and let me tell you .. there is NO competition. This sugary juice that you add water to can’t hold a candle to the good ol red Kool-Aid man, yeah I said it!!! I’ve come to another conclusion that my British mates may or may not understand. I’ve decided I don’t like their fish and chips. Wait, let me explain. Chips are great my beef is not with the potato. My beef is with the batter that the fish is dipped in before it is fried. I prefer breading on my fish not batter. I’m glad to get that off my chest.

Other than that I’m chillin. Tomorrow I’m turning in my final essay. I’m looking forward to having my life back even if it’s temporary, classes start back on the 31st of this month. I finalized my birthday arrangements. I can’t really get into it, all I can tell you all is IT’S ABOUT TO GO DOWN!

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