You remind me of water,

precious and available, yet rarely free.

I try to only drown my soul 

on the weekends and evenings. Taking

paths that lead to you. Please don’t mind, 

we’ll find our way by and by.

It’s better than anything you could buy.

Without thinking flows continue like water

falling down the disappointment of our nevermind.

Thrilled to be liberated but it’s a lonely free.

Nothing left to give only taking

we sat in our shame soullessly.

Superbly seasoned soul

food couldn’t keep out the taste of a good bye.

Waiting for the right moment to take

a cheap shot so you’ll stay and water

the flowers we planted for free 

in the perpetual thoughts of you in my mind.

I tried to maintain and keep in mind

that you’ve gotta grow too. Such a stirred soul.

Just like me. Yearning to be freed,

grateful for a good time even if you buy

it from sources unworthy of your watering.

Weeds, remain patient with people only here to take. 

I don’t know how much more I can take. 

Dreaming of you is peace of mind

until I can’t breathe; water

boarded by my solitary reality. Still a soul

survivor willing to spend my last to buy

you a hint or a clue towards our freedom. 

More and more in love with how free

doom looks on you. You wear it well and take

all the time you need to say bye

to things and people we won’t ever mind

as we grow as two souls

into one as fluid as the water. 

I feel free trapped in our mastermind. 

If you must take, replace with peace and soul. 

Looking for me? I’ll be by the water.